Hey! Welcome to my website!
My "artist" handle is R.K. Smith,
kinda like M.C. Escher or R.L. Stein,
but all my friends call me Kalyn :)

I'm a non-binary person who likes
making stuff, and this website is
my attempt at organizing all of the
hobbies and ideas bumbling around
in my brain into a (hopefully) easy
to digest format that helps me
keep everything straight.


There's gonna be so many articles and features here it'll make your eyeballs turn to goop.

Can you feel it?

That's the power of zines!!

CPU ID:  012090K
PATCH ID:  091991J
Memory Test:  65536k OK

C:\GAMES> dir /w

Directory of C:\GAMES\.

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Some of my favorite bands:

more coming soon...

Take a sneak peek at some of the dumb stuff I'm working on, as well as anything else that doesn't easily fit into the other categories.

Coming soon...